Welcome to SNHL

SNHL owns two ports in Härnösand and Norrsundet, plus extensive owned and leased warehouse capacity at the Stora Enso plant in Skutskär. Our facilities are located next to the main north-south and east-west roads and railways.

We offer logistics services and large spaces for storage both outdoors and in warehouses. All our three nodes have a railway connection into the area. In addition to traditional logistics customers, we offer space for companies running server halls.

Port of Härnösand

Härnösand’s deep- and oil ports has one of the best approaches in the northern part of the
country, about 4 nautical miles long and very deep. Härnösand can handle all most freights,
icluding ro-ro. Summertime Härnösand is frequented by cruise traffic, and in recent years
the import of wind turbines has been of considerable scope.

The quay is 300 meters long with permissible draft 7.6 meters. In the northern end there is a
25 meter wide ro-ro ramp.

In the harbor area there are two 5,000 m2 large warehouses with connecting railway tracks.
There are also open spaces of about 20,000 m2.

The oil terminal pier has a draft of 10.5 meters. Ships up to 45,000 dead weight tonnage
(DWT) have used the terminal. In addition to oils, asphalt and sulfuric acid are also handled.
The oil terminal area also have railway connection.

Port of Norrsundet

The Port of Norrsundet offers a wide range of logistics services with 300 meters quay,
railway and large areas for outdoor storage. We also provide large scale warehouse capacity.

In the port area server halls are also established in the former sawmill, one is already in
operation, two more are under construction, and there is room for more.

Railroad into the area has attracted new tenants. Heating plants store large quantities of
chips and pellets in Norrsundet for further transport by ship. There are also plans to tile
damaged timber from large forest fires in the summer of 2018.

Norrsundets Hamn is also a planned center for offshore wind power. Preparations are done
for a future broadening of the fairway. Port of Norrsundet now has the capacity to receive
vessels with that can handle a depth of 6.2 meters, a width of 16 meters and a maximum
length of 140 meters.

Stora Enso / Skutskär

At the Stora Enso Pulp’s mill In Skutskär we own one 14 000 m2 magazine, and long term leases additional four in the factory area.

Through Port of Skutskär inc. we also owns the chemical depot run by Wibax, a sustainable
chemical supplier to Swedish and European industries.